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Structural Features:

The structure is designed to be compact, lightweight, easy to operate, easy to maintain, efficient, precise in operation, and reliable and durable.

Usage Scenarios:

Mounted on S35 skid steer loaders and equipment of similar tonnage, it can quickly complete tasks such as landscaping and tree planting, foundation piling, and horizontal non-excavation drilling. Its high efficiency, accuracy, and reliability ensure safer and more sustainable construction operations. It offers significant advantages when used in confined spaces.



Overall Length (A)(mm)583
Overall Width (B)(mm)916
Overall Height (C)(mm)1700
Product Weight(kg)175
Borehole Diameter:(mm)300
Drilling Depth(mm)1000
Rotation Speed(rpm)250-300
Hydraulic PressureMpa21
Flow Rate(L/min)20-30

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