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S35-Electric Skid Steer Loader

S35-Electric Skid Steer Loader

Yuchai S35 Electric Skid Steer Loader is compact and flexible, designedspecifically for extremely narrow spaces. It caneasily pass through various corridors, aisles, all-eys, and low spaces, such as shoveling, sweep-ing, crushing, and other functions.

The Yuchai S35 Electric Skid Steer Loader is an epoch-making electric wheeled skid-steer loader. This new product is going to redefine the mini skid steer loader in next few years.

With a slim body of only 95 centimeters in width and two meters in length, weighing 1,410 kilograms, S35 Electric Skid Steer Loader has extremely excellent indoor passing ability and transfer performance. It can travel at a speed of 15km/h, rotate in tight spaces, and swiftly swap between multiple attachments. Equipped with a mature hydraulic quick-coupling system, connections to your attachments can be done effortlessly in no time.

The S35 Electric Skid Steer Loader is designed to handle challenging indoor tasks, replacing labor-intensive and expensive manual work. These models operate almost silently, allowing for 24-hour operation in areas where noise restrictions would otherwise limit work hours.

With the S35 Electric Skid Steer Loader, you can power drive and tilt functions simultaneously without the noticeable electrical lag commonly found in diesel/hydraulic machines. Operators will experience a significant increase in power compared to traditional loaders without compromising performance when operating multiple functions simultaneously.

The battery of S35 Electric Skid Steer Loader is from the top5 manufacturer of China, which allows you to choose from various charging options while offering stable performance and unmatched quality.

S35 Electric Skid Steer Loader adopts Hub motor technology, and bypasses the traditional transmission bridge and gear box, resulting in more efficient movement and steering. Energy recovery function is standard on this machine, effectively prolongs machine working hours. The independently regulate hydraulic flow function allows you to get your job done with minimal energy consumption.

The suspended seat brings you utmost comfort in various working conditions. 

The instrument and control buttons on S35 are simple and easy accessed.

With this electric machine, the operator energy cost is decreased by 90%, and the maintenance cost is decreased by 95%, and significantly reduce downtime due to the simple technical scheme.

The Yuchai S35 Electric Skid Steer Loader is not only a zero-emission and noiseless electric Equipment, but it also stands as your most reliable partner at work.

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S35-Electric Skid Steer Loader

S35-Electric Skid Steer Loader


Technical data
Rated load(ISO14397-1)   350 kg 
Tipping Load (ISO14397-1) 680 kg 
Boom rising force  8100N 
Bucket rising force 9000N 
Max. travel speed(low gear )10.5 km/h
Machine weight 1410 kg 
Power  21.3 kWh
Endurance  6-8 h

Machine weight 1410 kg
Operating type 
Steering The direction and speed are controlled by the left and right potentiometer handles
Lifting and dumpingSeparately controlled by left and right foot pedals
Front Hydraulic Auxiliary (Standard)Controlled by right control lever
Hydraulic system
Front Auxiliary Hydraulic Max Flow
Max. pump displacement
Drive System
Battery power + hub motor drive
Parking system
Wheel parking   
Standard configuration
safety locking apparatus (BICS)Rear window
Front Hydraulic AuxiliarySeat Belt
Boom Support   Seat safety bar
23x5.70-12 Standard tireAutomatic start and stop technology
Front and rear operation lampshorn
 Reversing alarm Suspension Seat 

A Overall operating height 3150 mm
B Height to top of cab 1814 mm
C Departure angle25°
D Ground clearance 141 mm 
E Wheelbase722 mm
F Overall length without standard bucket2120 mm
G Overall length with standard bucket 2600 mm
H Maximum angle of flat ground22°
I Unloading height1934 mm

48" angle-broom
38"garden grapple
36" industrial grapple
32"multi-purpose grapple
48" Crush & Screen bucket
36",44" Standard Bucket 

Enclosed cab with heater 
Side sliding glass, front door and wipers, rubber foot cover, fan, air conditioning system

J Height to bucket hinge pin2399 mm 
K Loading distance at Max. unloading height 400 mm
L   Dumping angle at maximum height 34°
M  Rollback of bucket at full height97°
N  Bucket width 1115 mm
O  Radius of gyration 1557 mm 
P   Tread752 mm
Q  Machine width950 mm
44"  Sweeper10soil drilling
39-drilling36",44" Bucket
Soil Conditioner 12S Simple opener
36"Pallet forksHammer  
Farm grapple10Dump bucket 
Includes:heater, side controls,roof glass,


What is an electric skid steer loader?

An electric skid steer loader is a type of construction equipment that is powered by an electric motor instead of a traditional diesel engine. It is designed for use in various applications, such as construction, landscaping, and agriculture.

What does zero emissions mean?

Today’s diesel machines are significantly cleaner than they used to be, but the S35 Electric Skid Steer Loader produce zero emissions while operating. With no emissions emitted during operation, the machine can be used indoors or anywhere the user is looking to reduce their carbon footprint. 

How does an electric skid steer loader work?

An electric skid steer loader works by using an electric motor to drive the wheels of the machine. This motor is powered by a battery pack, which can be recharged either by plugging the machine into an electric outlet or using a generator.

What are the benefits of using an electric skid steer loader?

Some of the benefits of using an electric skid steer loader include lower operating costs, reduced emissions, and quieter operation compared to diesel-powered machines. They also require less maintenance and can be operated indoors without the risk of fumes.

How do I charge the S35?

S35 Electric Skid Steer Loader uses lithium iron phosphate battery and supports fast/slow charging.

How long does it take to charge an electric skid steer loader?

The charging time for an electric skid steer loader can vary depending on the size of the battery pack and the charging equipment used.

S35 Electric Skid Steer Loader, 220V slow charging for 3.3 hours: the battery can be charged from 30% to 80%. (3.3kw)

S35 Electric Skid Steer Loader PRO, 220V slow charging for 1.6 hours: the battery can be charged from 30% to 80%. (6.6kw)

380V fast charge for 1 hour: the battery can be charged from 30% to 80%.

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