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Yuchai Heavy Industry was invited to participate in the promotion and application conference of forestry mechanization in Guangxi's state-owned forest

May. 10, 2023


On May 9th, a field meeting for the promotion and application of forestry mechanization in the autonomous region's state-owned forests and a workshop on oil tea production were held in Nanning. Jiang Guixiong, Deputy Inspector of the Second Level at the Autonomous Region Forestry Bureau, and Jiang Yinghong, Deputy Inspector of the Second Level and Director of the Ecology Department at the Autonomous Region Forestry Bureau, attended the meeting. Yuchai Heavy Industry was invited to participate in this conference, aimed at continuously enhancing the level of forestry mechanization in the Guangxi region. The conference also aimed to facilitate communication and collaboration with leading enterprises in the industry to collectively promote its development.


On the morning of the same day, the participants visited the Fragrant Flower Oil Tea High-Yield Demonstration Base at Qipo Forest Farm. They observed demonstrations involving remote-controlled robot-assisted nurturing and weed control, mechanized eucalyptus afforestation, drone-based plant protection, helicopter-based plant protection and firefighting, as well as mechanized logging operations, carried out in collaboration between Qipo Forest Farm and five associated enterprises.

In recent years, Yuchai Heavy Industry has been dedicated to the research and development of integrated construction for forestry logging machinery. The F-Series timber harvesters have notably overcome international technological barriers. With outstanding performance benchmarks and a track record of reliability, models such as the F35IV, F40, and F60 have garnered substantial recognition and popularity among numerous customers in the market.


During the afternoon session of the workshop, representatives from Yuchai Heavy Industry presented the performance advantages and application scenarios of the F60 timber harvester. They also discussed the development process of integrated mechanized operations and engaged in in-depth discussions and explorations with the attendees regarding the advancement of forestry mechanization and related technologies.

Yuchai Heavy Industry will actively respond to the call of this conference, continuously increasing significant investments in areas such as independent innovation and intelligent manufacturing, while also comprehensively advancing mechanization and automation.