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Yuchai Heavy Industry: Embarking on an Intelligent Future-the Digitalization of Management

Jul. 25, 2023


On July 24th, Yuchai Heavy Industry officially launched and put into operation its first independently developed production and operational cockpit system. The inauguration ceremony was witnessed by more than 30 attendees, including the company's executive leadership, upper-middle management, and project team members.


During the event, Yuchai Heavy Industry's Deputy General Manager, Zhang Hang, provided an overview of the project's planning, while the project team members demonstrated the project's achievements. The Production and Operational Cockpit is a data-driven initiative that aggregates scattered data sets, integrating advanced technologies such as big data analysis and cloud computing. By offering real-time operational data monitoring, this system provides advanced information management and data analysis capabilities, enabling accurate decision-making for the company's leadership and facilitating its digital transformation. The launch of Yuchai Heavy Industry's Production and Operational Cockpit system signifies a significant stride forward in the company's endeavors in the realms of information technology and digitalization.


Since its inception, the project team has operated independently, with its members starting from scratch. Utilizing their personal time after work, they engaged in self-learning and exploration, gradually accomplishing the development work for the project's first phase. Moving forward, Yuchai Heavy Industry will continue to advance its digital transformation. Based on the actual needs of the enterprise, the company will engage in tailored development in areas such as quality management and cost control. This ongoing effort aims to consistently enhance the company's digital and information capabilities, thereby elevating its competitive edge in its development journey.


Chairman Yan Maolin expressed his profound approval and appreciation for the achievements of the project team in its first phase of work. He emphasized that Yuchai Heavy Industry's digital management is an essential path for the company's growth. He hopes that all management personnel will provide more platforms for employees, allowing their intelligence and talents to shine. By fostering innovation and development, every employee can contribute their efforts to the company's high-quality growth journey.