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Chairman BLANC of Chilean SC Company Visits Yuchai Heavy Industry

Jul. 05, 2024


Recently, Chairman Blanc of Chilean SC company visited Yuchai Heavy Industry for a business exchange. He was warmly received by Du Zuyan, Deputy General Manager of Yuchai Heavy Industry, Li Jiangfan, Director of Overseas Sales at the Marketing Center, and other leaders.


At the exchange meeting, both parties introduced their companies, business operations, and the characteristics and advantages of their products. They discussed in detail the current state of the construction machinery industry and the future development directions and product trends in the South American market.

Subsequently, Du Zuyan invited Blanc to visit Yuchai Heavy Industrys machining workshop and assembly workshop, providing a detailed introduction to each manufacturing process and the supply of after-sales parts.

Blanc highly praised the professionalism and rigorous work attitude exhibited by Yuchai during his visit. He remarked that every step, from manufacturing to delivery, is closely monitored and strictly controlled, a level of meticulousness that is rare in todays manufacturing industry. He expressed deep recognition and appreciation for this approach. During the subsequent test drive, Blanc further commended the handling, comfort, and maintenance convenience of Yuchais products.