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Launching with Momentum: Full Throttle into a New Journey

Jan. 25, 2023


On the morning of January 23, 2023, the second day of the Lunar New Year, with a gentle breeze and clear skies, the air was filled with the refreshing scent of spring. Yuchai Heavy Industry held a grand ceremony to mark the launch of their overseas marketing ventures. Deputy Secretary of the Yuchai Group Party Committee and Chairman of the Labor Union, Guan Min, graced the event in person, offering words of encouragement and support to the marketing staff of Yuchai Heavy Industry.


Deputy Secretary Guan Min rallied the workers, urging them to continue upholding Yuchai's esteemed traditions, to face challenges without fear, and to march forward with unwavering determination. She assured them that Yuchai Group would be their strong pillar of support and expressed her firm belief that our workers would return victorious!Deputy Secretary Guan Min also conveyed the heartfelt well-wishes and care from the group, leaving the employees present deeply inspired. They enthusiastically pledged to deliver outstanding performance as a testament to their dedication, vowing to present the company with an impressive achievement.


Yuchai Heavy Industry Chairman Yan Maolin presented the flag to the representatives embarking on this mission. He emphasized that this overseas marketing endeavor not only represents the heavy industry sector but also embodies Yuchai as a whole. It is a mission of great honor and tremendous responsibility. He urged them to firmly plant Yuchai's flag in various corners of the world and to ensure that the Yuchai Heavy Industry brand achieves global recognition.


The marketing personnel received the flag of deployment and made a solemn commitment: they pledged to embody the spirit of an unwavering and victorious army, characterized by unwavering determination and the courage to achieve victory. They would place the customer at the center of their efforts, fully promote Yuchai's culture of striving, and uphold the excellent tradition of taking responsibility. They would always remember their mission and resolutely accomplish all the tasks and targets set by the company.

They recognized that the journey begins with acceleration, and all Yuchai Heavy Industry employees are fully dedicated to embarking on this new voyage. They will seize new opportunities, confront new challenges, and collectively shape a prosperous future where everyone wins!