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Take orders, strong brand, expand market! Yuchai Heavy Industries presented star products at Canton Fair

Apr. 20, 2023


From April 15 to 19, the 133rd Canton Fair was held in Guangzhou, Yuchai Heavy Industry brought the classic small excavator U20 and U27, the pure electric equipment S35 skid steer loader and the forestry equipment F60 logging head to the fair, showing the world Yuchai manufacturing and Chinese power!


The exhibition was crowded with buyers and exhibitors from home and abroad, and Yuchai Heavy Industries attracted the attention of buyers from different countries with its classic mini excavators and novel electric skid steer loaders, and the booths were full of visitors who watched, inquired and exchanged ideas, making it a lively and extraordinary scene.

The U20 and U27 are the star products of Yuchai Heavy Industries, which have been well received by customers at home and abroad, with excellent flexibility, adaptability and stability due to the continuous upgrading of generations of products.


A buyer from Turkey said; I just got off the plane and came to Yuchai booth at the first stop, I have learned about Yuchai products on social media and website, and I have very strong interest in Yuchai products.


"This is the product we want!" After knowing and testing our machines, two buyers from Canada said "This is the second time we come to your booth during Canton Fair, this time we are more sure that this is the product we want, we hope to go to your production factory, and we want to be your strength dealer in Canada area".

  During the exhibition, 80 batches of buyers from more than 40 countries such as the UK, Brazil, Argentina, Canada, Australia, Mongolia, Poland, the United States, Romania, etc. came to consult, and currently harvested about 30 million yuan of intended orders and more than 10 intended agents


In this Canton Fair, Yuchai Heavy Industries offline exhibition and online cloud shopping exhibition are carried out in combination, and the domestic and international platforms are synchronized, during which more than 40 online business opportunities are harvested, which showcases its professional ability and innovation ability while displaying high quality products, making the buyers in the Canton Fair have a strong interest in Yuchai Heavy Industries brand, and look forward to establishing long-term cooperation relationship.