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Yuchai Global service activity 2022 and New product release conference

Jul. 20, 2022


Yuchai Heavy Industry co., Ltd (hereafter for “Yuchai”) held a grand "Global service activity 2022 and New product release conference" and launched a series of new excavators and forestry machinery on July 19, 2022.


01. Global service activity is held to listen to customers worldwide

      Global service activity 2022 will be implemented synchronised in more than 100 countries and regions worldwide. This activity has been carried out for 22 consecutive years, benefiting more than 80,000 users worldwide and establishing a profound friendship with most users.

      As China's first mini excavator manufacturer, Yuchai continues to explore more new equipment, engaged in forest harvester head from 2012. In 2022, Yuchai has become the first brand of domestic harvester head industry.


 02. Brand new excavator series and complete sets of forest equipment released by Yuchai Heavy Industry attract attention.

       All the new excavators in this conference adopt new appearance color and decoration, meet the latest emission standards of  Chinese Tier4, Euro V and EPA T4F


                                                               Yuchai mini excavations  and YC60, YC205

Forest equipment - harvester head series new products are essential products launched at this press conference. The release of F60, F40 and F35IV harvester heads have been upgraded according to user’s suggestion and the latest forest technology, can be mounted on various excavators. All of them have cutting, delimbing, cutting, and debarking functions.


Yuchai is the first Chinese enterprise involved in forest harvesting equipment R&D in China. After the products are put on the market, they are favored by users and have taken more than 60% of the market share in China. At the same time, the Yuchai harvester head, wood grabber, and skidder can support a variety of brands of excavators with simple product installation so that they can be quickly refitted on the construction site.


                                                            Yuchai integrated forest equipment

A YCF150FM  wood grabber can replace more than 30 woodcutters daily. The daily output is up to 160 square meters; Mechanical cutting is not affected by season and weather, which can realize round-the-clock operation, significantly reducing the risk of artificial cutting casualties;

Collecting equipment includes YCF160S skidder, with its length of up to 25 meters, which can efficiently collect steep, slope, remote trees to the designated location for cutting, replacing inefficient, dangerous, laborious manual collecting;

Loading equipment includes FC90, FC160 wood grabs and YCF90S and YCF135S wood grabbers, among which the loading efficiency of the YCF135S wood clamping machine can reach more than 40 cubic meters per hour, with a capacity of about two trucks.