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Yuchai Heavy Industry holds a Family Open Day event

Aug. 20, 2023


In order to deeply practice the Yuchai family culture and the spirit of striving, and to further enhance the cohesion and unity of the employee team, Yuchai Heavy Industry organized a Family Open Day event themed "Building Happiness Together as a Family" on August 19th. More than 200 employees and their families participated in the event. Yuchai Heavy Industry's Chairman and Party Secretary, Yan Maolin, Vice General Manager Zhang Hang, and other leaders warmly welcomed everyone and actively took part in various activities.


To begin with, Yan Maolin delivered a warm welcome speech, providing an introduction to the company and the work environment of its employees. He encouraged the families and children to take a thorough look around, allowing them to understand and appreciate the dedication of their loved ones. Yan Maolin expressed, "Today, through this open day event, we're giving the children the opportunity to experience firsthand where their parents put in their hard work, to witness the allure of construction machinery. This is a truly meaningful activity. I hope that everyone can visit the company every year and perhaps spend weekends at the Employee Recreation Center, engaging in sports and keeping fit. I'd also like to extend my gratitude for the ongoing, quiet support and contributions you've made. It's your understanding and support that enable them to shine in their roles, providing a strong impetus for the company's growth. In the future, I hope you'll continue to support them as you always have. Let's work together hand in hand for a better tomorrow!"


The Family Open Day kicked off with an exhilarating excavator performance. As the melody of "Little Chick Chacha Dance" started playing, machines dubbed names like "Qiqi," "Chacha," "Bengbeng," and "Lala" elegantly danced, moving rhythmically to the music. They swayed gracefully, at times lifting their heads high, then swaying side to side, and even executing a "720-degree rotation" in place. This performance showcased the "dancing talent" of Yuchai excavators, earning enthusiastic applause and cheers from the attending employees and their families. The show not only highlighted the excellent machinery performance of Yuchai excavators but also captivated the children's affection, igniting their curiosity. It aimed to cultivate an early interest in machinery and technology, planting the seeds of dreams for the future!


In the company's cafeteria, Yuchai Heavy Industry organized a special collective birthday celebration for employees and their families who had birthdays in August. During the celebration, the children of employees put on captivating talent performances, adding to the festive atmosphere of the birthday party. Company leaders extended heartfelt wishes to each birthday celebrant, fostering a sense of warmth and belonging within the "big family" for employees. Laughter, blessings, and touching moments filled the event, creating an unforgettable time for both employees and their families


Furthermore, the Open Day event included a visit to the Yuchai Heavy Industry exhibition hall, enabling employees' families to gain a better understanding of the company's development history and its latest products. A small-scale amusement park activity was also organized to facilitate familial interactions and communication among employees' families.

The Family Open Day event was a resounding success. At the conclusion of the event, employees and their families expressed that the event not only made them feel warm and joyful but also deepened their understanding of Yuchai's culture. It further fostered their love for their work and life.