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Yuchai Heavy Industry's Electric Loader Enters Trial Use at Nanning Zoo

May. 28, 2024


The Yuchai Heavy Industry Z25 electric loader has begun trial use at Nanning Zoo to improve the living environment for animals and enhance the park's operational efficiency.

As an important urban public green space and wildlife sanctuary, Nanning Zoo has been dedicated to providing a green and eco-friendly recreational area for the public. The introduction of Yuchai Heavy Industry's electric loader for trial use is a significant step by the zoo management in responding to the national green development strategy and promoting the mechanization and intelligent upgrade within the park. Compared to traditional fuel loaders, the electric loader produces less noise and has no exhaust emissions, making it more suitable for use in environments where animals reside.


The Yuchai Heavy Industry Z25 electric loader utilizes the latest battery technology, offering not only strong endurance but also fast charging speeds, making it ideal for applications requiring long hours of operation. Additionally, the electric loader is easier to operate and has relatively lower maintenance costs. The management of Nanning Zoo stated that using these electric loaders can significantly improve work efficiency within the park while providing a quieter and cleaner environment for both visitors and animals.


The research and development team at Yuchai Heavy Industry has also equipped the loader with attachments such as sweepers, industrial grapples, and forks to meet the diverse operational needs of the zoo.

This collaboration not only showcases Yuchai Heavy Industry's research and development capabilities in the field of new energy construction machinery but also sets an example for the transformation and upgrading of other urban public facilities. In the future, Yuchai Heavy Industry plans to collaborate with more city parks and scenic areas to promote the use of electric loaders, supporting the nationwide transition to green and low-carbon solutions.