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Yuchai Heavy Industry's new electric remote-controlled demolition robot and gripping saw products have successfully gone offline

Aug. 29, 2023


On August 28th, Yuchai Heavy Industry held an official offline ceremony for its new products: the D170 electric remote-controlled demolition robot and the FJ35 gripping saw. The event took place in the assembly workshop of the manufacturing center, with participants coming together to witness this pivotal moment.


The D170 electric remote-controlled demolition robot stands as a premium and compact piece of equipment, showcasing a small yet remarkably capable design. It boasts excellent maneuverability, powerful propulsion, significant demolition force, and exceptional climbing ability. Its wide operational scope, high dependability, and intelligent control cater precisely to specialized demolition needs. Its applications span across building demolition, cement kiln maintenance, mining, tunnel construction, metallurgical furnace repair, removal of refractory bricks, and emergency interventions in the nuclear industry.

On the other hand, the FJ35 gripping saw represents a versatile, compact forestry tool that integrates rotation, tilting, clamping, and cutting functionalities. With its remote control capability, it takes center stage in felling, segmenting, and gathering trees up to 350 millimeters in diameter. Its applications are apt for forest conservation, pruning, and the clearance of obstacles. Both of these innovative products boast proprietary intellectual property, effectively filling a void in Yuchai Heavy Industry's product lineup while expanding the company's offerings. This milestone signifies Yuchai Heavy Industry's entry into the electric remote-controlled demolition robot and specialized road forestry equipment sectors, particularly in the field of tree clearance.


During the ceremony, Yan Maolin, Chairman of Yuchai Heavy Industry, expressed, "Today being the first day of school lends special significance to our choice of holding the offline ceremony today. First and foremost, I extend my congratulations to the project team. After months of dedicated effort, they have transformed blueprints and aspirations into tangible reality, taking a critical and pivotal first step and presenting their hard work and research accomplishments before everyone. Simultaneously, I congratulate the entire Yuchai Heavy Industry family. With the addition of two new products, our family embraces fresh hope. The success and prominence of these two products bear high expectations, representing new prospects for the company. Particularly for manufacturing enterprises, product innovation not only sustains vitality but also symbolizes hope. As we progress through the new product development process, we must continually refine our manufacturing, quality, and sales systems, working collaboratively to genuinely deliver products into the hands of our customers, thereby generating value and reaping rewards that align with our ultimate aspirations."

"In the forthcoming journey, Yuchai Heavy Industry will stand hand in hand with our customers, advancing side by side. We will expedite technological innovation, elevating our company's core competitive edge and consistently introducing remarkable products to the market. Through these efforts, we will provide robust and steadfast support for the company's pursuit of high-quality development."