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Yuchai Heavy Industry's star products made their debut at the World Deer Expo in the United States

Jul. 25, 2023


From July 21 to 23, the 40th World Deer Expo was held in Birmingham, Alabama, USA. In order to enhance brand influence, seek collaboration opportunities, and showcase Yuchai's exceptional product quality and brand image to overseas clients, Yuchai Heavy Industry teamed up with local agents to present three popular mini excavator models, U18, U27, and U35, at the expo.


 In recent years, Yuchai Heavy Industry's overseas sales business has experienced rapid growth. North America stands out as one of the most crucial international markets for Yuchai Heavy Industry, with its products gaining strong favor and popularity among local customers. Through its participation in the Birmingham, USA event, Yuchai Heavy Industry leveraged its exquisite design, outstanding quality, efficient performance, and comfortable experience to expand the influence of the Yuchai brand. This appearance at the World Deer Expo not only provided a chance to bond with an increasing number of new international customers but also gave numerous overseas business opportunities.

image.pngCurrently, Yuchai Heavy Industry's products are found across more than 100 countries and regions on all five continents. The American market has once again achieved remarkable sales growth, further enhancing market share and influence in North America. These achievements lay a strong foundation for Yuchai's continued efforts in the North American market. From January to June, Yuchai Heavy Industry's overseas sales witnessed a 31% year-on-year increase, while revenue experienced a remarkable 183% year-on-year growth.


Moving forward, Yuchai Heavy Industry is committed to ongoing improvements and the launch of more products that cater to international markets. Simultaneously, the company will strengthen its overseas brand presence and broaden its sales channels abroad. By increasing its export scale, Yuchai aims to play a pivotal role in achieving its ambition of becoming a world-class enterprise.