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Yuchai HI signed cooperation agreement with the largest forest farm of Guangxi

May. 11, 2022


YuchaiHI and state-owned Guangxi Gaofeng Forest farm signed strategic cooperation agreement in Nanning, Guangxi, China, and plan to build a demonstration base of forestry industry mechanization together.


The peak of state-owned forest farms in Guangxi is Guangxi's largest state-owned forest farm, also is the national top ten forest farm, national key leading enterprises of forestry, national forest management model base, the annual number of afforestation and timber production ranked among the top nationwide state-owned forest farm, has very rich forestry resources and planting, curing, cutting, processing production process such as valuable production experience.


                                                                        Red Cone Forest

Yuchai Heavy Industry Co., LTD is a subsidiary of Yuchai Group. In recent years, yuchai Heavy Industry co., LTD has achieved fruitful research results in the development of forestry equipment and integrated industrial method research, successfully developed YCF135 logging machine and other forestry equipment to fill the gap in China, breaking the situation that domestic forestry equipment has been monopolized by developed countries such as Europe, the United States and Japan for a long time.

In addition, Yuchai Heavy Industry also carried out research on integrated construction schemes from planting, maintenance to cutting and transportation, and launched integrated forestry equipment, including logging machines, pioneer machines, timber gathering machines, mountain transport machines and other products, realizing the whole process of mechanized production.



                                      The picture shows the YCF135 logging machine in the process of logging

YCF135 logging machine has many felling functions, such as felling, pruning, peeling, cutting and stacking, etc., with high intelligent degree, the self-developed electronic control system has obtained the right to register software works, especially suitable for the felling operation of fast-growing eucalyptus.

Both sides give full play to their respective resource advantages, the forestry equipment research and development, application, method of research, intelligent equipment in areas such as in-depth cooperation, by establishing forestry in the peak forest farm mechanization production demonstration base and promotion platform, drive of guangxi, and even more of the country's forestry mechanization production, improve the quality of operation of the forestry industry, the production efficiency, Reduce the labor intensity of forestry workers and construction safety risks, expand the status and influence of Guangxi in the national forestry system, and thus lead the mechanization and intelligence of Chinese forestry.


                                                                                     Yuchai skidder


                                                                                       wood grabber


                                                                                    Yuchai lawn mower