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Yuchai U35 Zero Tail mini excavator

Yuchai U35 Zero Tail mini excavator

Weight: 3860kg. Max Dig Depth:3170mm.

U35 is a true zero-tail-swing excavator that can work in any space wide enough for its small zero-tail-swing body to pass through. It eliminates the need for the operator to worry about checking rear clearance. This 3-ton mini excavator never shies away from work, thanks to the hard-nosed performance of its Tier 4 Final Yanmar diesel engine.

1.Optional Euro V/ Tier4 engine(Yanmar engine)

2.Load sensive hydraulic system

3.Superior working efficiency

4.Low fuel consumptionTilt-capable cabin

5.Standard with Rubber Tracks

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Yuchai U35 Zero Tail mini excavator

Tailless Excavator

U35 has unique tailless rotation. Compared with other large excavators, it is smaller, faster and more flexible in transportation. We were the trailblazers in introducing zero tail swing technology for mini excavators, and we didn't stop there; we elevated it to perfection. The U35 stands as a robust illustration of this efficiency in compact workspaces. With zero tail swing, operators can confidently navigate tight spaces, as no part of the cab or canopy extends beyond the track width. This feature empowers you to take on a broader range of tasks in confined areas.

Practical and Elegant

U35 is equivalent to the productivity of 20 workers and is compatible with more than 30 types of attachments. Additionally, its left and right deflection device has garnered favor from consumers worldwide.

Comfortable Driving Experience

The beautiful appearance and humanized design of the cabin lead to comfortable driving experiences; With high-strength steel of all parts, it is safe and reliable.

YUCHAI Mini Excavator

Founded in 1989, Yuchai Heavy Industry is the earliest excavator company in China to produce mini excavators and sell them to the world. It is the largest production and export base of small excavators in China and a national high-tech enterprise.

More than 30 years of innovation and development, providing customers with high quality assurance!

Upgraded Cabin

Upgraded Cabin

The cabin is reversible, and enclosure covers are detachable, making maintenance more convenient. The hydraulic components and maintenance points on the platform are easily visible at a glance.

Reasonable Layout

Reasonable Layout

Be equipped with YANMAR engine. Power/speed: 14.5/2400(kW/rpm). Maximum torque/speed: 62.7 ~ 68.4/1800 (nm/rpm);

Three filters are arranged centralized. Load sensitive system, complete intelligent control, and matching accuratly in the whole process lead to higher working efficiency.

Yuchai U35 Zero Tail mini excavator

Full Pilot Control

Zero tail

U35 can be operated on a narrow field. When parallel to the wall, it can works with the left and right deflection device while keeping the body stationary.

Offset boom

Maximum left deflection angle of boom is 66.7°.

Maximum right deflection angle of boom is 53.7°.

Ready For a Variety of Applications

A wide range of attachements can be easily fitted to answer a variety of applications.


Excavator Model
Basic parameter

Machine weightkg3860
Bucket capacity0.12
Width of bucketmm617
Performance parameter

Engine model
Yanmar                     3TNV88 / 3TNV88F
Engine powerkW/rpm18.2/2200 /               20.4/2200
Max. Gradeability
Max. digging force of armkN25.8
Max. digging force of bucketkN32.7
Traveling speedkm/h4.80/3.10
Max. hauling forcekN29
Slewing speed of platformrpm11~13
Operating parameter

Max. digging heightmm5156
Max. digging depthmm3170
Max. digging radiusmm5557
Max. digging radius on ground levelmm5438
Max. dumping heightmm3588
Min. slewing radiusmm2260
Max. vertical digging depthmm2620
Max. dozer balde heighmm373
Mzx. dozer blade depth  mm425
Transportation dimension

Overall lengthmm4853
Overall widthmm1800
Overall heightmm2575
Other Parameter

Width of undercarriagemm1800
Length of trackmm2093
Width of trackmm300
Height between undercarriage and groundmm347
Height between platform and groundmm572
Platform tail turning radiusmm1014
Length to center of rollersmm1500
Fuel tank capacityL52
Hydraulic oil tank capacityL40
Track gauge
Working PressureMpa24
Ground Contact PressurekPa33
Arm lengthmm1400
Boom lengthmm2500
Steering head angle
67.7° (L) / 53.7° ®
Flow rateL/Min90
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