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Yuchai YC215 Midi Excavator

Yuchai YC215 Midi Excavator

Operating Weight: 22300 kg. Bucket capacity: 0.9~1.1 m³. Max. digging depth: 6584 mm.

The YC215 mid-sized excavator brings the power and performance of a full-sized excavator in a smaller form for improved jobsite accessibility and efficiency. With its advanced technology, comfortable cabin, and safety features, the YC215 is the ideal choice for your excavation needs.

1.Yuchai Engine

2.Structural Reliability

3.Excellent Performance

4.High Eficiency

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Yuchai YC215 Midi Excavator

Powerful Yuchai engine

YC215 is equipped with an engine independently developed by Yuchai, which has strong torque, sufficient power reserve, low fuel consumption, fast response and better fuel efficiency.

International brand hydraulic system

The tonality of compound movements is smooth. The hydraulic valve is stable, efficient and reliable.

High strength cab

The structural beam of the cab is thickened and enlarged, which greatly improves the strength of the cab, reliably prevents falling objects and rolling injuries, and makes the driver safer.

YUCHAI Little Dig

YUCHAI Heavy Industry co., Ltd. was founded in 1989. It is the first excavator enterprise in China to produce micro-excavators and sell them to the world. It is the largest small excavator production and export base in China and a state-level high-tech enterprise.

More than 30 years of innovation and development, to ensure high quality customers!

The strongest excavation force at the same level

The strongest excavation force at the same level

YC215-9 Midi Excavator has a maximum traction force of 195kN, excellent hoisting capacity, and can easily lift heavy objects. The maximum digging force of the bucket is 150kN, and the bucket capacity is 0.9 m. The digging work is very efficient.a series of tests of high temperature and high humidity, high strength in plateau, low temperature and severe cold environment.

Brand new cab interior

Brand new cab interior

The interior is ergonomically designed, the handles and switches are arranged reasonably, and the operation is natural and comfortable, which can effectively reduce fatigue. Famous seats in the industry, with suspension damping, can adjust damping according to body weight, and can be laid down over 135.

Yuchai YC215 Midi Excavator

Full pilot control

The driving experience is more comfortable and the excavator action is more smooth

With 1.1m³ bucket, it can dig quickly and level the soil with high efficiency.

YC215-9 has good handling performance. The pilot device can make the driver easily complete complex actions and reduce the fatigue of long-term work. A bucket of 0.9~1.1m³ can be selected, which has high digging efficiency and good leveling efficiency.

Easy maintenance

While the whole hood is kept, two openable side doors are added, and the three filters are centralized, so that all maintenance and inspection points are within reach.

All the main hydraulic hoses are arranged in the direction of the working device, which improves the convenience of detectionand maintenance.


Excavator Model
Basic parameter

Machine weightkg22300
Bucket capacity0.9~1.1
Width of bucketmm/
Performance parameter

Engine model
Yuchai A05
Engine powerkW/rpm140/2200
Max. Gradeability
Max. digging force of armkN109
Max. digging force of bucketkN150
Traveling speedkm/h3.4/5.2
Max. hauling forcekN195
Slewing speed of platformrpm11~13
Operating parameter

Max. digging heightmm10120
Max. digging depthmm6584
Max. digging radiusmm9875
Max. digging radius on ground levelmm9635
Max. dumping heightmm7200
Min. slewing radiusmm2965
Max. vertical digging depthmm5822
Max. dozer balde heighmm
Mzx. dozer blade depthmm
Transportation dimension

Overall lengthmm9590
Overall widthmm2980
Overall heightmm3160
Other Parameter

Width of undercarriagemm2980
Length of trackmm4550
Width of trackmm600
Height between undercarriage and groundmm470
Height between platform and groundmm1100
Platform tail turning radiusmm2873
Length to center of rollersmm3655
Fuel tank capacityL325
Hydraulic oil tank capacityL200
Track gauge
Working PressureMpa34.3
Ground Contact PressurekPa
Arm lengthmm
Boom lengthmm
Steering head angle

Flow rateL/Min217x2+19.5
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