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Yuchai YC60 mini excavator

Yuchai YC60 mini excavator

1.Structural Reliability

2.Excellent Performance

3.Fuel saving and high efficiency

4.Brand new large cabin

5.Convenient maintenance

6.Ability to Level Soil Reaches Over 1.5 Meters

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Yuchai YC60 mini excavator

International Brand Engine

Equipped with imported Kubota V2403(30.7KW /2200rpm); Low fuel consumption, low noise, full power and low emission to meet emission regulations.

Upgrade Hydraulic System

The YC60 adopts a three-pump system imported from Japan, featuring an arm regenerative circuit for stable and coordinated operation. It is highly reliable.

Sufficient Traction

YC60 adopts imported walking motor, has strong traction force. Climbing effort up to 35 degrees. System pressure: 24Mpa; Bucket digging strength: 3.6 tons; Suitable for variety complex working conditions.

YUCHAI Excavator

Founded in 1989, Yuchai Heavy Industry is the earliest excavator company in China to produce mini excavators and sell them to the world. It is the largest production and export base of small excavators in China and a national high-tech enterprise.

More than 30 years of innovation and development, providing customers with high quality assurance!

The Largest Cab of the Same Tonnage in the Industry

The Largest Cab of the Same Tonnage in the Industry

The new shock-absorbing aviation seat realizes step-less adjustment between 50-130kg.The handrail, integrated with the console, adopts a two-stage sliding structure, and seats can adjust back and forth. The opening angle of the chair is > 135°.

Reasonable Layout

Reasonable Layout

Three arranged centralized filters. Front multi-way valve, large fuel tank.

The large fuel tank can satisfy the machine's working for more than 16 hours, reduce refueling burden.

Yuchai YC60 mini excavator

Lower Fuel Consumption

Optimize the power of diesel engine and hydraulic system. Compared with YC60-8, YC60-9 can save fuel consumption up to 30%, and the fuel economy has apparent advantages over peers.

Improve Performance and Level Soil Efficiently

YC60-9 improves the movement coordination, and easily level land over 1500mm. It is easy for novices to master and reduces the labor intensity. In the same conditions, the leveling distance of competing products is less than 800mm. It has significant advantages over peers.

Various Attachments

More than ten types of attachments

Hydraulic hammers, buckets, quick change devices, wood grabbers, simple grab pliers clearing bucket, clamshell bucket, drilling tool, lawn mower, etc.

More than 40 key working conditions are applied, with a wide range of working conditions.


Excavator Model
Basic parameter

Machine weightkg6000
Bucket capacity0.23
Width of bucketmm775
Performance parameter

Engine model
Kubota V2607
Engine powerkW/rpm30.7/2200/35/2200
Max. Gradeability
Max. digging force of armkN27.5
Max. digging force of bucketkN36.6
Traveling speedkm/h3.6/2.2
Max. hauling forcekN46.5
Slewing speed of platformrpm11~13.5
Operating parameter

Max. digging heightmm5900
Max. digging depthmm3935
Max. digging radiusmm6520
Max. digging radius on ground levelmm6385
Max. dumping heightmm4030
Min. slewing radiusmm2685
Max. vertical digging depthmm3370
Max. dozer balde heighmm
Mzx. dozer blade depthmm
Transportation dimension

Overall lengthmm6085
Overall widthmm1962
Overall heightmm2635
Other Parameter

Width of undercarriagemm1920
Length of trackmm2600
Width of trackmm400
Height between undercarriage and groundmm335
Height between platform and groundmm720
Platform tail turning radiusmm1670
Length to center of rollersmm2060
Fuel tank capacityL122
Hydraulic oil tank capacityL77
Track gauge
Working PressureMpa25
Ground Contact PressurekPa
Arm lengthmm1699.2
Boom lengthmm3118
Steering head angle
Flow rateL/Min138.6
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