High efficiency Yuchai harvester head F35

Dec. 15, 2023


The Yuchai YCF135 forestry harvester combines durability with sleek design, showcasing exceptional stability and coordinated movements. It excels in functions such as felling, pruning, length measurement, segmenting, and stacking. With intelligent operation, precise movements, and high efficiency, it has been widely used in various fast-growing forest logging operations.

Located in the southern part of China, a forestry plantation spanning approximately 1000 hectares, the owner was troubled by its logging operations. Before the introduction of the forestry harvester, manual tree felling was the predominant method, resulting in inefficiency, high labor intensity, and worker fatigue. In 2022, the client invested in a Yuchai YCF135 forestry harvester along with a skidder for complementary operations. This introduction of forestry equipment significantly increased efficiency and reduced labor costs.

In this 1000-hectare forest, Yuchai forestry equipment, with its high efficiency and enhanced safety features, received acclaim from the customer. Mr. Cai expressed, "Finding skilled workers is becoming challenging, and manual labor costs are rising. Yuchai forestry equipment has addressed this issue, substantially improving timber production. Now I can achieve over 100 tons of operations per day. If Yuchai has larger equipment models, I would like to purchase 3, 4, 5 units or more..."

During the entire logging operation, the plantation witnessed a 50% reduction in labor costs, over a 30% reduction in transportation costs. Additionally, there has been a notable improvement in the utilization of timber contributing to increased economic benefits. The seamless coordination between the harvester and skidder presents promising applications and significant economic value in forestry operations.

High efficiency Yuchai harvester head F35