Yuchai Diesel Generator set serviced in 2022 FIFA World Cup (QATAR)

Dec. 15, 2023


During the 2022 FIFA World Cup hosted in Qatar, the country addressed the accommodation needs of football fans by constructing several fan camps. Among these camps, 153 generator including 58 units of 1000KVA generators was enough to power three of them,  all thanks to Yuchai engines.

Considering Qatar's hot, dry, and windy environment, Yuchai fine tuned its  power systems to better serve this top-tier global sporting event. These adjustments include the use of air filters adapted to dusty conditions, ensuring the generators could stably and efficiently generate electricity despite the local climate challenges. Yuchai's service support team remained on standby 24/7, delivering timely and efficient professional services to guarantee worry-free power supply for the fan camps and transportation. Throughout the World Cup, in the picturesque fan camps of Qatar, the 153 Yuchai generator sets operated efficiently and reliably, successfully completing their mission.

Yuchai, with its commitment to high-quality products and service standards, provided assurance for the fans during this globally significant moment, leaving a shining mark of China's excellence on the world stage.

Yuchai Diesel Generator set serviced in 2022 FIFA World Cup (QATAR)