Yuchai HI signed cooperation agreement with the largest forest farm of Guangxi

Dec. 15, 2023


Yuchai YCR60 compact rotary drilling rig pushed construction boundaries on the challenging Tibetan plateau at 5000 meters above sea level. Demonstrating powerful performance, it set a record for high-altitude construction using small rotary drilling rigs and earned heartfelt appreciation from the local Tibetan community.

In the water supply project undertaken by Mr. Yue in the Nagqu region of Tibet, the construction site reaches an altitude of 5000 meters. With the help of Yuchai YCR60 rotary drilling rig, the team was able to drill wells with depths of up to 16 meters and a maximum diameter of 1.2 meters in just half an hour. In the sparsely populated Tibetan region, where dwellings are widely dispersed, the frequent need to relocate construction sites posed a challenge. The YCR60 designed for transporting with rod  brought great efficiency to the construction process. Local Tibetans expressed gratitude, noting that this project has not only addressed the issue of lacking water supply but also provided them an access to clean water, reduced the likelihood of illnesses, thus the days of traveling miles for clean water were long gone

According to Mr. Yue, he purchased his first compact rotary drilling rig-Yuchai YCR50 seven years ago. With over 12,000 hours of operation, this drilling rig has proven to be efficient, stable, and energy-saving, earning him a fortune. Impressed by its performance, Mr. Yue later acquired a second Yuchai YCR50 compact rotary drilling rig. Following his recent trip to Tibet, Mr. Yue expressed high praise for Yuchai's rotary drilling machines and is now planning to invest in a third Yuchai compact rotary drilling rig.

Yuchai HI signed cooperation agreement with the largest forest farm of Guangxi