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Quick Hitch

Applicable objects: with various types of excavators to assist rapid work

Product Characteristics:

Adopt Q355 manganese plate steel, high strength and wear-resistant

The pin is made of 42CrMo alloy steel, high strength and good toughness;.

. The oil cylinder adopts grinding tube, imported HALLITE oil seal, short working cycle, long life:. The movable tiger jaws are designed with circled disc protection, and the safety pin is thickened to ensure safety and reliability;.


Quick-change connector type Yuchai quick Hitch according to the product tonnage and customer demand is divided into three types: spring slider structure mechanical quick-change: for 4 tons of mini-excavators screw cylinder mechanical quick-change: for 2 ~ 15 tons of small excavators hydraulic quick-change: for 2 ~ 50 tons of excavators


(Hydraulic quick change)
(Double locking hydraulic quick change)
(Double locking hydraulic quick change)
(Hydraulic quick change)
(Hydraulic quick change)
L Overall Lengthmm345345365345508440475495571623635820
H Overall Heightmm155155255155290224300305310357320407
W Overall Widthmm179179183180252221251250296.5395322391
Small arm axis center momentmm8590110213215184200184235210320390
Connection shaft center distance(min)mm23023090230213300185185210210315390
Forearm Open Widthmm899594141140141140140175174200250
Split Gearmm17917991180136197136138171172196246
Small Arm Shaft Diametermm253030383840404050505065/70
Diameter of connecting shaftmm303030303840404050505065/70
适配挖掘机 Suitable Excavatorton1223333366813

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