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Yuchai YCR160D rotary drilling rig

Yuchai YCR160D rotary drilling rig

As a boutique model of YuchaiHI, YCR160D rotary drilling rig has been favored by customers since launch. It is equipped with imported brand power and hydraulic system assembly. EFl large displacement technology leads to high energy efficiency, green & environmental protection, and strong power. It also has power reserve technology to meet harsh working conditions as high plateau. More spacious and upscale cab. Better operation comfort. Better matched control of whole machine. More superior and reliable performance. More stable and safe working condition. With self-developed machine-embedded software, advance intelligent control system, integrated circuit technology and CAN bus virtual instrumentation technology, it has fault diagnostic function, more scientific and applicable machine interface operation, and realizes automatic real-time monitoring, display and feedback in the whole construction process. It is a new experience. Transportation with poles makes transfer flexible and convenient. It is very suitable for infrastructure construction, renovation of dilapidated buildings and other fields.

Yuchai YCR160D rotary drilling rig

Yuchai YCR160D rotary drilling rig


Main parameterUnitsYCR160 Parameters

Engine Model
Rated Power/Rotary SpeedkW/rpm169/2050
Rotary Drive

Max.output torquekN•m165
Rotary speedrpm6~30
Max.pull-down piston pusht180
Max.pulling forcet190
Max.pull-down piston strlkemm4000
Main winch

Max.pulling forcet175
Max.pulling speedm/min70
Wire Rope Diametermmφ26
Auxiliary winch

Max.pulling forcet50
Max.pulling speedm/min42
Wire Rope Diametermmφ14
Mast Rake

Forwards backwards°5
Side backwards°±5
Drilling hole

Max.Drilling Diametermm1500
The max.drilling depthm50
Main machine

Machine weightt52
Transporting state sizemm15525×3100×3550
Working state sizemm8850×4000×16678
Recommended drill pipe type

Drill pipe configuration
MZ φ377-5×11 m
JS φ377-4×11 m
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