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Yuchai YCR280 rotary drilling rig

Yuchai YCR280 rotary drilling rig

Yuchai YCR280 rotary drilling rig is equipped with Cummins X12 engine, which meets Chinese state 4 emission standard. It has real-time power distribution, provides surging power for the machine. A full set of imported hydraulic system makes high efficiency, energy saving and stability. Box-type mast, double boom luffing structure make it strong and durable. Main winch has double folding line and single layer arrangement. Wire rope has long service life. Adopting three-input rotary drive, its output torque is bigger and digging force is stronger. Adopting  new large braking torque slewing reducer,  its piling is more stable. The new-developed WeChat mini-program can monitor the working status of the machine and construction progress in real time, which makes it more convenient for customers to pay attention to their own equipment. Convenient and fast service reporting platform allows customers to report faults directly, so that the service personnel can quickly and accurately provide service for the equipment.

Yuchai YCR280 rotary drilling rig

Yuchai YCR280 rotary drilling rig


YCR280 is equipped with Cummins engine, Rexroth hydraulic system, special chassis for rotary drilling rigs and special load-sensitive hydraulic system, which makes the flow distribution more reasonable; it adopts segmented power control to select the appropriate engine capacity according to the specific working conditions, which reduces the working intensity of the engine and lowers the fuel consumption. It is the "King of Fuel Saving" in the mouth of customers.

Main parameterUnitsYCR280 Parameters

Engine Model
Rated Power/Rotary SpeedkW/rpm280/2100
Rotary Drive

Max.output torquekN•m280
Rotary speedrpm6~24
Max.pull-down piston pusht220
Max.pulling forcet250
Max.pull-down piston strlkemm5000
Main winch

Max.pulling forcet260
Max.pulling speedm/min55
Wire Rope Diametermmφ32
Auxiliary winch

Max.pulling forcet80
Max.pulling speedm/min25
Wire Rope Diametermmφ20
Mast Rake

Forwards backwards°5
Side backwards°±4
Drilling hole

Max.Drilling Diametermm2500
The max.drilling depthm80
Main machine

Machine weightt91
Transporting state sizemm16565×3432×3510
Working state sizemm11245×4400×22792
Recommended drill pipe type

Drill pipe configuration
MZ φ508-6×14.5 m
JS φ508-4×14.5 m
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