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Yuchai YCR40 rotary drilling rig

Yuchai YCR40 rotary drilling rig

1.Engine emission: Euro III; Euro V

2.Delivery: 40HQ container

3.Specially designed for narrow space

4.Durable in various construction conditions

Yuchai YCR40 rotary drilling rig

YCR40 rotary drilling rig can be transported with poles in 40HQ container. Two configurations of Euro V and Euro III are available. It adopts Yuchai special chassis, Yuchai engine, Toshiba hydraulic system and double power motors, which is powerful, energy-saving and efficient. The working height of the whole machine is 9 meters. It can better meet the construction demand in the narrow space with strong flexibility. Triangular box-type luffing structure is convenient to improve efficiency. It has high quality of pile hole, smooth operation, reliability and stability. It can be used in drilling construction of all kinds of soil layers, and can satisfy the drilling process of many kinds of foundation such as grouting piles, diaphragm walls, foundation reinforcement, etc. It can deal with the construction conditions of various complex geological conditions in all-weather and all-terrain, and it is a good helper for the construction of pile foundations.

Yuchai YCR40 rotary drilling rig


Main parameterUnitsYCR40 Parameters

Engine Model
Rated Power/Rotary SpeedkW/rpm44/2000
Rotary Drive

Max.output torquekN•m40
Rotary speedrpm0~45
Max.pull-down piston pusht70
Max.pulling forcet60
Max.pull-down piston strlkemm1500
Main winch

Max.pulling forcet50
Max.pulling speedm/min50
Wire Rope Diametermm16
Auxiliary winch

Max.pulling forcet15
Max.pulling speedm/min50
Wire Rope Diametermm10
Mast Rake

Forwards backwards°4
Side backwards°±4
Drilling hole

Max.Drilling Diametermm1000
The max.drilling depthm15
Main machine

Machine weightt14
Transporting state sizemm7360*2260*3000
Working state sizemm4560*2260*9040
Recommended drill pipe type

Drill pipe configuration
MZ/JS φ240-4*4.5m
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