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Yuchai YCR405 rotary drilling rig

Yuchai YCR405 rotary drilling rig

Yuchai YCR405 rotary drilling rig is equipped with Cummins engine

It is a large-scale rotary drilling rig developed by Yuchai rotary drilling specifically for rock-entry conditions, with a drilling diameter of up to 3 meters, a maximum drilling depth of up to 99 meters, a maximum torque of 405 kN-m, and a weight of up to 120 tons under the working condition, matched with the telescopic chassis special for rotary drilling rigs, which is of largest size compared with competitors in the same class, and is more conducive to the actual output of each main parameter. The actual output of the main parameters, high working efficiency and strong power, can quickly and accurately complete the pile foundation construction, thus greatly shortening the construction cycle. The new generation of electronic control system integrates a number of automatic intelligent controls, such as automatic drilling, automatic soil dumping, rotary self-reset, and multi-gear intelligent control mode of the power head. The single-row rope main winch structure effectively avoids the "rope biting problem" and greatly extends the life of the wire rope. Standard equipped with centralized lubrication system, maintenance is more convenient. The equipment adopts imported brand Cummins engine, EFI large displacement technology, enough power reserve technology, strong power, can realize the construction in deep hole, large diameter, hard ground and other harsh working conditions. The equipment is widely used in high-speed bridge construction and other projects.

Yuchai YCR405 rotary drilling rig

Yuchai YCR405 rotary drilling rig


Main parameterUnitsYCR405 Parameters

Engine Model
Rated Power/Rotary SpeedkW/rpm410/1950
Rotary Drive

Max.output torquekN•m405
Rotary speedrpm6~27
Max.pull-down piston pusht330
Max.pulling forcet360
Max.pull-down piston strlkemm6000
Main winch

Max.pulling forcet385
Max.pulling speedm/min75
Wire Rope Diametermmφ36
Auxiliary winch

Max.pulling forcet100
Max.pulling speedm/min66
Wire Rope Diametermmφ20
Mast Rake

Forwards backwards°5
Side backwards°±4
Drilling hole

Max.Drilling Diametermm3000
The max.drilling depthm99
Main machine

Machine weightt120
Transporting state sizemm19605×3500(3620)×3588
Working state sizemm11135×4900×26233
Recommended drill pipe type

Drill pipe configuration
MZ 530-6×18 m
JS 530-4×18 m

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