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Yuchai YCR65 rotary drilling rig

Yuchai YCR65 rotary drilling rig

Novel appearance

Adopting the latest Yuchai design language, the shape is powerful, the appearance is atmospheric, and the reflective strip design on both sides is eye-catching and improves safety.

Yuchai YCR65 rotary drilling rig

Yuchai YCR65 rotary drilling rig


Wider range

The detachable mast integrates the low headroom design concept, which can be adapted to a variety of height-restricted working conditions, and the construction efficiency is more efficient; the strengthened parallelogram variation function provides a larger scope of construction work, which meets the more comprehensive needs of customers.

Flexible transportation

The inverted mast can be transported on a truck without disassembling the drill pipe, and the main engine and accessories can be transported in only one truck, which saves freight costs and reduces operating costs.

Efficient construction

Dual power head motor reducer design, more stable torque output, more efficient operation efficiency, equipped with a key high-speed dumping function, soft and hard to eat; the use of large triangular body structure, high efficiency of the hole.

Environmentally friendly power

Equipped with Yuchai new generation engine, EGR+DOC+DPF control mode, no need to add urea, environmental protection and economy, strong power, high efficiency and fuel saving.

Comfortable space

The new cab has large space, reasonable layout, solid structure, air suspension seat with good shock absorption, no fatigue for long time working; one key start, convenient and reliable; automatic air conditioning, multiple air vents.

Convenient operation

The left and right pilot handles are upgraded to four-button handles common to large-tonnage drilling rigs; the guide pulley is added to the secondary winch, which makes it more convenient to use the lifting accessories; the wire rope of the main winch is wound in a single layer with a large drum, so that there is no extrusion and abrasion between the ropes, and it has a long service life.

Deeper drilling

It can be equipped with 4 sections of locking rods and friction rods, which can reach the maximum depth of the same class models.

Main parameterUnitsYCR65 Parameters

Engine Model
Rated Power/Rotary SpeedkW/rpm92/2200
Rotary Drive

Max.output torquekN•m65
Rotary speedrpm0~35
Max.pull-down piston pusht110
Max.pulling forcet130
Max.pull-down piston strlkemm2000
Main winch

Max.pulling forcet95
Max.pulling speedm/min85
Wire Rope Diametermmφ18
Auxiliary winch

Max.pulling forcet95
Max.pulling speedm/min75
Wire Rope Diametermmφ12
Mast Rake

Forwards backwards°5
Side backwards°±4
Drilling hole

Max.Drilling Diametermm600~1200
The max.drilling depthm27
Main machine

Machine weightt22
Transporting state sizemm11520×2600×3480
Working state sizemm5300×2600×12460
Recommended drill pipe type

Drill pipe configuration
MZ/JS φ299-4×7.6 m

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