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Closed Sweeper

Structural Features:

Compact Structure: The design is compact and lightweight, featuring a dust-blocking canvas that is practical yet aesthetically pleasing, creating an overall refined appearance.

Simple Operation and Easy Maintenance: The motor employs a quick-change installation, facilitating convenient and swift replacement of brushes, thus enhancing maintenance efficiency.

Reliable and Durable: Utilizes diamond-shaped hollow bristles to improve wear resistance. The motor end is equipped with an anti-entanglement device to prevent the motor from being wrapped by linear objects, thus reducing motor lifespan. The bottom of the bucket is fitted with detachable wear-resistant plates, enhancing the durability of the bucket body.

Usage Scenarios:

Mounted on S35 skid steer loaders and equipment of similar tonnage, it is capable of sweeping debris, floating soil, gravel, and other waste materials from road surfaces efficiently and quickly. It is suitable for cleaning parking lots, sidewalks, docks, warehouses, and port areas. The collected debris can be deposited into a collection bucket and disposed of at designated locations.



Overall Length (A)mm1205
Overall Width (B)mm1207
Overall Height (C)mm562
Product Weight(kg205
Working Width(mm904
Brush Blade Diameter(mm560
Rotation Speed(rpm200-300
Hydraulic PressureMpa1014
Flow Rate(L/min3050

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