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Yuchai YC90W wheel excavator

Yuchai YC90W wheel excavator

YC90W excavator is a new generation fu hydraulic wheel excavator independently developed by dime heavy industry. It adoptshigh-power and low fuel consumption environment-friendly standard engine, which ensures the strong power and power reserve of thewhole machine. The accurate matching of high-eiciency hydraulic system and bridge box ensures the random switching of working stateand running state.The hydraulic system of the whole machine is matched with imported hydraulic components, which has "high reliabilityAt the same time, it can provide a variety of special configurations to meet the needs of different countries and customers.

Yuchai YC90W wheel excavator

Yuchai YC90W wheel excavator



Machine weight  kg6840

Engine model
48kw  2200rpm/mir
Shipping length        mm6200
Total height during transportationmm2920
Overall width             mm2150
Tail turning radiusmm1855
Turntable width   mm1930
Wheelbase                            mm2350
Track widthmm1665
Height of bulldozer platemm500
Lifting height of bulldozer        mm380
Width of bulldozer platemm2150
Support height of bulldozermm60
DescribeUnitNumerical value
Maximum excavation radiusmm6385
Maximum excavation heighmm6910
Maximum excavation depthmm3930
Maximum unloading heightmm5160
Bucket digging forcekN45
Digging force of stickkN22
Hydraulic system pressureMpa26
Bucket capacitym³                   0.4
Walking speedkm/h30
Hydraulic system flowL/min140
Slewing speedr/min12-13
Fuel tank capacityL120
Capacity of hydraulic oil tankL130

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