Excavator Root Rake for Sale - Yuchai Attachment

Excavator Root Rake for Sale - Yuchai Attachment.

Looking for an excavator root rake for sale? Yuchai Manufacturing offers top-quality digger rakes designed for durability and efficiency. Ideal for cleaning up debris, roots, brush, and rocks, these excavator rakes are a must-equipment for any job site.

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Excavator Root Rake

Excavator Root Rakes

An excavator root rake attachment is a versatile equipment for cleaning up debris, roots, brush, rocks, and more. It's a cost-effective attachment that provides excellent value for mini excavators. A rake for your excavator is often the perfect low cost attachment when your bucket just won’t cut it for clean up jobs. This excavator rake attachment couples to your mini excavator's arm in place of the bucket. Its design resembles a garden rake, with a row of a dozen or more thin tines welded together. These tines are designed to be raked along the ground, allowing larger debris to be collected into a pile while leaving smaller stones behind.

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How Do I Pick the Right Rake For My Excavator?

Ensure that the size and weight of the root rake match your mini excavator. Using a rake that is too heavy or too large can strain your equipment and affect its efficiency.

Refer to the manufacturer's recommendations for the root rake. For instance, YUCHAI offers a range of root rake sizes to fit mini diggers ranging from 1 ton to 13.5 tons. 

Determine the type of debris you will be clearing and the terrain you will be working on. This will help you choose a root rake with the appropriate tine spacing and strength to handle the job effectively.

Ensure that the root rake is compatible with your mini excavator's quick coupler or attachment system. This will make it easier to attach and detach the rake as needed.

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