Yuchai Hydraulic Excavator Breaker

Yuchai Hydraulic Excavator Breaker.

Yuchai hydraulic excavator breakers suited for 1-ton mini-diggers to 100-ton diggers. Our hydraulic rock breakers, also known as digger breakers, are designed to deliver superior performance and efficiency plus excellent impact energy. Explore our range today!

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Rock Breaker

Yuchai Hydraulic Excavator Breaker

With excellent impact energy, our hydraulic rock breakers are capable of demolishing reinforced concrete, rock, crushing asphalt and roads, and handling quarry tasks efficiently. Its robust construction and reliable performance make it a valuable asset for any construction or demolition project. Despite its high performance, the Yuchai Hydraulic Excavator Breakers are competitively priced, offering excellent value for money. Whether you're working on a construction site or in a quarry, our digger breaker is sure to meet your needs.

Yuchai Hydraulic Breaker Features:

• Available for 1 – 100 Ton machines

• Simplicity in construction, easy to use and maintain

• Most advanced processing equipment and technology

• Quiet operation

• One to two-year warranty

• Long service life

• 24 hours online after-sales service

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Choosing the right breaker attachment for your job

Selecting the right hydraulic breaker attachment is crucial for the success of your construction or excavation job. Whether you're breaking concrete, starting a tunnel, or digging trenches, these tips will help you choose the right size breaker.

First, consider the compatibility between your breaker and host digger. Manufacturers typically define a recommended weight range for the host digger. Ensuring that your excavator falls within this range will allow you to lift and manage the breaker without tipping.

Additionally, manufacturers like YUCHAI publish minimum hydraulic flow guidelines for their hydraulic breakers. Ensure that your excavator can produce the correct amount of auxiliary hydraulic gallons per minute to allow for proper breaker function.

Running too much hydraulic flow through the hydraulic breaker can damage the attachment and possibly your excavator. It's important to respect the hydraulic flow requirements and practice proper maintenance to prevent hydraulic fluid overheating and damage to your excavator.

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